Evidence Synthesis


The Traumatic Stress Research Group is at the international forefront of systematically reviewing and synthesising knowledge from randomised controlled trials to provide evidence-based guidance with respect to the prevention and treatment of PTSD.  Jon Bisson co-chaired the first National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guideline for PTSD, continues to work closely with NICE (NICE PTSD), was a member of the WHO guidelines development group (WHO SPE-STRESS guidelines), and currently chairs the International Society for Traumatic Stress’s (ISTSS) Treatment Guidelines Committee (ISTSS).  New ISTSS Prevention and Treatment Recommendations are due to be published in November 2018. 


Catrin Lewis and Neil Roberts are the lead authors of four Cochrane Reviews and members of the Traumatic Stress Research Group contribute to these and other Cochrane Reviews.


International Collaboration


The Traumatic Stress Research Group have developed strong international links to facilitate research and the dissemination and implementation of evidence based practice globally.  Key relationships, supported by Erasmus + funding, are with Ilia State University in Georgia and Talca University in Chile. An evidence-based trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy has been developed with colleagues in Georgia and successfully disseminated and implemented through a train the trainer programme.  This will be replicated with the addition of a training programme for the assessment of PTSD in Chile.


Other key collaborations are with the Psychiatric Genetics Consortium (insert link); data from NCMH is contributing to cutting edge research into the genetics of PTSD, and Arq, a group of institutions and organizations in the Netherlands engaged on the impact of overwhelming events and psychotrauma (insert link).  This relationship has resulted in the development of a European network of researchers and PhD students.


International Trauma Questionnaire (ITQ) and International Trauma Interview (ITI):  


Neil Roberts and Jon Bisson are co-authors of the ITQ and ITI, new measures specifically designed and carefully developed to assess ICD-11 PTSD and Complex PTSD (ICD-11 webpage). They have worked collaboratively with an international group of researchers to develop the measures that it is likely that they will be considered as a gold standard for the assessment of ICD-11 PTSD and Complex PTSD.  The ITQ has been shown to have excellent psychometric properties and it is hoped that the same will be confirmed for the ITI. 

Below is a presentation by one of our Research Assistants, Alice Roberts, speaking about the development of the ITI and ITQ: