The Cardiff University Traumatic Stress Research Group publishes its research in scientific journals. This page highlights some recent publications from the Group.

International Trauma Questionnaire (ITQ)



Dr Neil Roberts and Professor Jonathan Bisson are two of the four authors who originally developed the ITQ.  They have worked with an international group of collaborators to validate it and the ITQ is now accepted as the gold standard self report measure for ICD-11 PTSD and Complex PTSD.  The ITQ is a brief, simply-worded measure that is freely available in the public domain to all interested parties: Cloitre, M., Shevlin, M., Brewin, C., Bisson, J., Roberts, N., Maercker, A., Karatzias, T. and Hyland, P. (2018). The International Trauma Questionnaire: development of a self-report measure of ICD-11 PTSD and complex PTSD. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica.




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Other Publications


1.    ISTSS (2018). ISTSS PTSD Prevention and Treatment Guidelines Methodology and Recommendations -


2.    ISTSS (2018). Position Paper on Complex PTSD in Adults - treatment-guidelines.aspx


3.    ISTSS (2018). Position Paper on Complex PTSD in Children and Adolescents -


4.    Williams R, Bisson J, Kemp V. (2014) Principles for responding to people’s psychosocial and mental health needs after disasters. OP94. London: Royal College of Psychiatrists.


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